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March 12, 2009 by Jonep
Hi Guys

I have a problem. I use DesktopX to remove desktop icon's for a clear workspace. I create a new desktop, select hide windows icons select wallpaper none and save the desktop; this allows me to alter the wallpaper at will eg, find wall, set as desktop background.

This used to work on my old XP machine no probs, but now on my new Vista (home premium) comp when I apply the blank DesktopX desktop the screen shows a single color for the background, this also happens when I set as deskto...
January 3, 2006 by Jonep
When you use a specific font in a skin how can you find out if it can be freely distributed? I have hundreds of fonts none of which I have paid for, most of them have been included in skins that I have downloaded. Can I use these font files freely or do I have to pay someone somewhere to do this?.